Friday, June 8, 2007

Nicola Tesla

Although the transfer of electricity through the air has been mooted for over a hundred years, a team from MIT has successfully demonstrated the theory by lighting up a 60W bulb 2 metres away without the use of wires. This is pretty exciting stuff. Don't just think about charging mobile devices wirelessly. Imagine what this means when we improve the efficiency of harvesting solar energy and are able to receive electricity from orbiting solar panels in space. (cue Samsung jingle...)

Remember the scientist Nicola Tesla who sold Hugh Jackman the huge electrical device in the movie The Prestige? Nicola Tesla was a physicist in the 19th century (no, he was not a rock singer =D), and he was the first person to propose the "transmission of electrical energy without wires". The movement of energy through space/matter that may or may not be conductors of electricity was subsequently named the Tesla effect in honor of Nicola Tesla. However, he died without realising his dream when a failed attempt to transfer energy wirelessly at the Wardenclyffe Tower in New York bankrupted him.

Tesla (middle) with Einstein (left)

So here's to Nicola Tesla, mocked by his peers at his time, reduced to an mad scientist in a movie. You were right. And your legacy might still change the lifes of every person on this planet.

BBC: Wireless energy promise powers up

Anywho, I do like the song by Tesla. The guitar solo just rocks, hell yeah! =)

"Love Song" by Tesla
So you think that it's over Say your love has finally reached the end
Anytime you call Night or day I'll be right there for you
If you need a friend

Yeah Love is all around you
Love is knocking outside the
Waitin' for you Is this love made just for two
Keep an open heart and you'll find love again
I know you'll find love again
It's gonna take a little time
Time is sure to mend your broken heart
Don't you even worry Pretty darlin'
I know you'll find love again

Love will find a way
Darlin' Love is gonna find a way
Find it's way back to you
Love will find a way
So look around
Open your eyes
Love is gonna find a way
Love is gonna
Love is gonna find a way
Love will find a way
Love's gonna find a way
Back to you Yeah
I know
I know
I know
I know

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hyder_abdul said...

Actual truth about what happen to Nicola Tesla.

His project for free harmonious energy was sabotaged. He invented the A.C current. Thomas Edison invented the D.C. which came before the A.C. Direct Current (D.C.) cannot travel as far as Alternating Current (A.C.) however right after so many power station built for A.C. current project (sponsored by J.P. Morgan, Tesla, himself found that his invention is not good for the planet. It gives out a lot of Electromagnetic Field (E.M.F.) which is harmful to the planet including us human beings. So many living and the dead proof today about harmful effects of E.M.F.

Tesla, funded by J.P. Morgan work on another project in which he discovered free energy. Colorado, in the middle of no where is his tower where this free energy is generated. He showed his success by screwing light bulbs into the ground. This is very good and healthy for planet however, when J.P. Morgan sees this, he immediately spread the news in the paper about Tesla being a crazy man and his crazy project. Tesla did have a compulsive disorder which is quite normal nowadays but in those days he is seen as a freak. Also huge of J.P. Morgan's investment is in the copper wire business and substations around the country.Countries outside of US has already bought the A.C. patent and started their own project. So having invented a free energy, would be a huge economic lost to J.P. Morgan who is money hungry.

Tesla's free energy project was burnt down and his personal lab was also burnt down. He was frame as being a crazy man.

Tesla was also killed while crossing the road outside his house to feed the pigeons.(His normal routine) He was run over by a limousine 2 days before he was scheduled to meet the President of America to discuss some energy issue. But his body was placed back in his house.

Tesla was well ahead of his time.

That is the true Tesla story