Friday, August 17, 2007

Hunting Kids To Save A Few?

Amidst the uproar from the fledgling anime community in response to ODEX's attempt to extort money from kids downloading fansubs aka RIAA a couple years back, I can't help but feel that Big Brother is being used to crush the very children its suppose to protect.

probably sums up the feelings of everybody whose been following the saga.

Why did a judge see fit to force ISP's to release the names of customers on the basis of ODEX's accusations? Who is benefiting and who is being hurt? Instead of sending Cease and Desist letters to these kids, ODEX has gone straight for the bank by demanding money from children.

Aren't laws enacted to protect the weak? Why are we hunting down our children to keep a company, who is obviously struggling to keep up with the times, afloat?

Big Brother watches, but to hunt children just for the sake of a few? Aren't we going a little too far this time?

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