Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Singapore 42nd National Day Parade

While we are told to marvel at the grandeur and extravaganza of the coming show put up to mark our separation and reluctant independence, I wonder how much of precious money and resources were consumed to build from scratch a floating platform and spectator stands at the Marina Bay. Aaron says that such rituals are probably necessary in our context and he is probably right. If you look at other more advance countries you will notice that National Day is usually observed privately . Singapore counts itself amongst countries like North Korea and China that celebrates National Day in opulent spectacle bordering on farcical excess. The colourful costumes, precision exercises and dance, military show, all serve to engineer and postulate the perception life, identity, cohesion and strength into an otherwise fragile nation state.

The day when we see no need for such parades is the day we should truly celebrate.

The master when it comes to parades, North Korea


Wolfgang said...

so true. we are not so different from them actually, considering the fact that what 1 person (party?) wants, that person (party?) gets.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is also known as country of propaganda, so I isn't suprise at all.

Comrade LKY said...

I don't know about others but I have been thinking that Singapore has always been a communist state since the early years when Lim Chin Siong was still very actively involved in the forming and shaping of the PAP to garner the power from the British colonial lords.

Just for example, which country in the world only have taxis that cannot be owned by individual citizens?